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With a lifetime of experience in campaigns and working with elected officials and government entities, our team knows how to build coalitions, grow relationships, identify opportunities, and work to achieve public-private objectives. We provide the experience and guidance that public officials need to make better decisions. We know the demands of your community are greater than your resources. We understand that struggle and provide you with the tools you need to grow those resources, identify cost-cutting measures, recommend reorganization, propose legislation, and better your community through change and leadership.

We also represent private companies and organizations that work with or for government entities. Every business or organization will require government cooperation and support for a host of issues. We recognize that navigating the political environment can be difficult at times. It is important to have someone on your side to assist in communicating your goals and objectives as well as helping you establish relationships and build trust with local officials. We know that you have a vision, and we want to help you make that a reality.

Some of our successes include:

Campaigning and Elections

  • Work with candidates to develop effective campaign strategies and to build a grassroots network
  • Counsel candidates on policy issues
  • Advise candidates regarding projected election outcomes

Economic Development

  • Work with local economic development experts and business organizations to identify needs and develop relationships between necessary parties to promote development
  • Connect industry to local economic developers and elected officials
  • Offer infrastructure solutions and work with local government to evaluate incentives
  • Engage education leaders in workforce development opportunities
  • Identify grant opportunities related to workforce development for local government

Fire Districts

  • Reorganize fire districts; proposed new boundaries and new millage rates to address growing population and inadequate resources
  • Draft legislation to allow for increase in millage
  • Meet with key state officials to discuss pros and cons of various changes to legislation that would allow a Board of Supervisors to change district boundaries and consider creating countywide fire districts
  • Provide guidance to Board of Supervisors regarding changes to existing districts and options to address future growth

Intergovernmental Relations

  • Facilitate events and meetings of local governmental entities and related quasi-governmental bodies to work in good faith on issues of common interest
  • Propose solutions that address mutual concerns or that create shared opportunities
  • Counsel local governments and quasi-governmental bodies on how to fund and aid in mutually-beneficial projects
  • Assist in resolving conflict and restoring relationships between different entities or, sometimes, between different elected and/or appointed officials

Solid Waste

  • Consult local governments regarding state and federal solid waste requirements
  • Offer options related to long-term solid waste planning
  • Work with environmental experts, state officials, and waste management companies to create solutions and prepare for high growth
  • Manage disputes related to landfills and advise local governing in responding to constituent concerns and media inquiries

Water Districts

  • Investigate failing water districts
  • Provide options to a Board of Supervisors to address disputes over property and appointment of board of directors
  • Consult a Board of Supervisors regarding managing constituent concerns within the confines of state law
  • Lead efforts for municipality to create utility district
  • Meet with local business leaders and elected officials concerns the pros and cons of establishing a district
  • Investigate concerns expressed by elected officials related to utilities within the municipality and create presentation addressing those concerns and offering solutions


  • Counsel local governments and private sector clients regarding opportunities to work together to advance cost-saving measures, promote development, and solicit support for shared community interests.
  • Recommend changes to internal policies for local governments and non-profit organizations that are economical and efficient
  • Evaluate the history of local government boards, commissions, and districts and prepare report evaluating legality of creation and past action and offer changes and options related to the make-up, policies, and procedures of those entities
  • Advise local governments, quasi-governmental bodies, and non-profits on funding, restructuring, and growth.
  • Counsel non-profits regarding generating community support and business investment
  • Assist non-profits in presentations for grant opportunities

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